Our animal communication reading with Anna Marie left us profoundly overwhelmed and shook in the most incredible way. Every ounce of doubt, skepticism, and questioning I had was swept away. Anna Marie tapped into our deepest internal dialogue and connected us with Zoey in a way that shook us to our core. She delivered information she couldn’t have possibly known, not even if she had a professional research team who scoured the internet for any and all information on us and Zoey. I came into this half expecting to feel like a total fool whose grief drove her insane, only to be left with a feeling of knowing… a knowing that feels like a seed in the deepest part of my soul has finally received an abundance of water and sunlight and it bloomed into the most stunning garden where I feel profound peace… like I can finally exhale.

John & LeslynToronto, Canada
My Soul Level Animal Communication session with Anna Marie was absolutely WONDERFUL! It was so very special to connect with Willow in that way and to receive the insights we did. I felt amazing afterwards – uplifted, hopeful with my body buzzing with possibility!  It was fantastic to connect with Anna Marie, she has such a gift and is kind, compassionate and professional. She made me feel so comfortable and at ease, it really was a pleasure working with her. I am really looking forward to my next session with Anna Marie and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. In fact, I already have to other friends and if you’re thinking about having a session with her – my advice would be to do it!’
RowenaPerth, Australia

We found Anna Marie after the passing of our fur baby Sooty, and that departed reading brought us so much comfort and love from the other side. All the missing pieces of the puzzle were put together and so in this reading we laughed, we cried and held onto our hearts knowing that we did everything we could for her. After such a successful reading, we decided to book Anna Marie again for our 3 living fur babies and to get to know their needs + personalities on a deeper level. We would highly recommend Anna Marie to anyone wanting to learn more about their fur babies. Thank you

Natasha & NickSydney, Australia

I was drawn to Anna Marie after seeing her on the Be Open Community and after reading her story on her website. I wanted a reading for one of my dogs, and I could tell that she was deeply connected to animals. I knew that because of her journey, she would be understanding of mine. We did a Soul Level Animal Communication reading, and I found Anna Marie’s messages to be spot on. Most importantly, I found her to be an excellent listener who delivered information in a kind and respectful manner, and a gifted intuitive who provided me lots of insight and answers.

ShariCalifornia, USA
To be honest, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to experience through the Soul Level Coaching process, but I felt divinely drawn to it at a very difficult and confusing time in my life.  Anna Marie and the Guides coached me to open my consciousness and see my situation as a direct result of life-long negative beliefs and workarounds I’ve created! Anna Marie was incredible through this entire process. Even when I became frustrated with myself, she guided me in a lovely and encouraging way.  She was able to work with my guides and talk to me at a soul level. The words hit differently when they speak to your soul. I am grateful to have a new sense of awareness and I feel like I have a deeper understanding of self. Thank you!
MarySoul Level Coaching Client

I was surprised how accurate the Soul Level Animal Communication reading with Anna Marie was.  Our dog, Stax, communicated things through her that she had no way of knowing.  It was nice to get inside my fur baby’s head and hear what he was thinking.  I learned how he is helping me be a better me and how to find better balance in my life.  It was amazing to hear that even a doggie notices those things.  Anna Marie was definitely a great person to go to for a reading, especially since this was my first time doing any kind of animal communication reading.

SamanthaChicago, Illinois

Anna Marie was right on target with her reading of Mabel. She described her personality perfectly. Mabel has been a bit of a challenge. And now, due to Anna Marie’s reading, I have a better understanding of what Mabel has been trying to tell me. It all makes so much sense. I am so thrilled I took the step to contact her!

Bill & LesleyMassachusetts

Anna Marie has gone above and beyond to help me connect with my beloved dog Pecan and cope with my extensive grief and guilt. Her energy is so positive and calming. I am grateful for each of the 3 sessions we have had together.

SaharBritish Columbia, Canada

It really surprised me how accurate was the description of my dog, including the breed and behaviour. If you seen my dog, you would think he is a German Shepard or Alsatian, but he is a husky cross collie. This was my wow moment! Everything made perfect sense and I could definitely say it was beneficial, especially to understand my dog in a more human perspective and not to be annoyed with his behaviour sometimes. Thank you for your reading!

KatrinaFife, Scotland

Anna Marie has such great insight and connection to the animals.  I am amazed at how much detailed knowledge Magic has about me and his deep understanding of the lessons we are working on together.  If you have animals, a Soul Level Animal Communication reading is an invaluable way to communicate with them.

NerissaSydney, Austrailia

Anna Marie has such an amazing and beautiful energy about her.  It is very evident how much she loves and cares for the animals around her and they respond to her.  She is a great teacher too.  The material flows and she explains it thoroughly.  I gained a new level of understanding and insight to Reiki with animals through Anna’s teaching.

Angie, Reiki Master TeacherDyer, Indiana

My reading from Anna Marie was very accurate at the Soul Level! She was able to connect easily with 13-year old Carly and let me know what Carly needed from me. She described her general condition in a very kind and loving manner.  She is professional and caring in her delivery and takes time to communicate through questions you may have. I learned about myself in relationship to my dog. I would use Anna Marie in the future! Thank you so very much!

Lily RoseFlorida, USA

I just had a reading with Anna Marie to connect with my dog who passed away over 10 years ago. She was a very special dog in my life. Anna Marie was able to connect with her and described her to a T! Charda came with a message to remind me how much I have changed and grown since her passing, and that she is still working with me on the other side to help me do this. Thanks, Anna Marie, I’ll never forget this opportunity to communicate with my old girl and it’s especially cool that she is working with me on giving myself the credit for all the hard work I have done.

SusanSeabrook, Texas

Anna Marie cared for our 3 cats while we went on a long weekend holiday.  The days leading up to our trip, one of our cats, Michael, was coming down with his usual chronic upper respiratory infection.  We couldn’t get him to the vet until after our trip.  With her healing care and Reiki, upon returning, Michael was feeling great with no symptoms!  Not only that, but all 3 cats seemed to become closer in their bond! I am blown away by her ability.  As a result, we have a peaceful home with cat harmony! Leaving for trips will be a lot less stressful knowing and trusting they are in her amazing care. Thank you, Anna Marie!

NickHomewood, Illinois
I was worried about changing veterinarians and putting our dog, Candy, through a procedure in a new place with new doctors.  Anna Marie described Candy’s anesthesiologist perfectly and put my mind at ease that Candy felt safe and well taken care of by the whole team of doctors. I feel much more confident in the veterinary clinic that we chose thanks to the reading we had with Anna Marie.
BritanyHouston, Texas