Soul Level Intuitive Coaching ®

Are your behavior patterns or habits holding you back? Do you wish you could figure out why you keep having the same relationship issues? Are you stuck in a rut that you can’t seem to get out of ?  Do you long for change in your current situation but not sure how to do it? Are you feeling like you’re alone and have no one to turn to for guidance?

Working with Spirit Guides

Transform yourself and your life with intuitive guidance from your spirit guides. I believe every one of us has multiple spirit guides that have been with you since you created your soul contracts, before you incarnated into this life. They’re here specifically to offer you their guidance and wisdom to elevate you to your most beautiful, perfect, highest self! Guides work from a place of compassion and unconditional love, with a pure desire to help you grow and evolve. They will bring you a higher-vibrational perspective on the choices you are making in your life. Additionally, your Guides can also help you access and shift the choices you don’t make on a conscious level.  

How does it work?

  Anna Marie will connect with your higher self and Spirit Guides to discover why you are struggling.

  Unveil the negative beliefs that are holding you back from doing, having and being everything you want. Whether that’s a better job, a new relationship, improved health and wellness or some other personal issue: Your spirit guides are waiting to assist you!

  Transform your old ways of thinking and behaving. By helping you recognize where and how the negative beliefs began, you’ll begin to view yourself with eyes of compassion. From a place of self-love, you’ll

  Constructively transform your old ways of doing and thinking into newer and better ways of being.

During a session:

All sessions are lead by the Spirit Guides, through Anna Marie. Anna Marie will connect with your personal Spirit Guides to receive and relay the messages they have for you. You’ll work together to examine the core beliefs that have created negative patterns or situations in your life. After identifying the negative belief(s), you’ll learn how to consciously release the behaviors that are keeping you from moving forward. Through this work, you will transform your current way of being to heal from grief, pain and trauma, work through personal challenges, and evolve to become your best self.

In conjunction with our animals:

Soul Level Intuitive Coaching ® is the perfect companion session to a Soul Level Animal Communication® session. The lessons our animals are working on with us are deep, Soul Level Lessons®. For this reason, you may find you need additional assistance from your Spirit Guides to work on these animal lessons. By looking deeper into yourself, you can help your animal clear unwanted behavior or medical ailments, or return home. Our animals want to help us grow and evolve, but sometimes we need a little extra help. Let your Spirit Guides be that help!

Types of Intuitive Coaching Sessions:

Find out why you keep repeating the same relationship patterns.  Discover why you can’t seem to make forward progress in certain areas (work, relationships, spiritual) of your life. Release the negative believes that are holding you back. Your Spirit Guides and Anna Marie will assist you in your transformational journey of learning, evolving and healing.

Anna Marie offers 3 options for sessions:

~25-minute Mini Coaching Session: Perfect for quick answers from your Guides.
~50-minute Coaching Session: One time sessions for digging deeper into a current challenge.
~Bundle of 6 Sessions @ 50-minutes each: Choose a bundle pack when you’re ready to commit to uncovering your karmic lessons and work toward Soul Level Transformation.

Of course, additional time and effort will be required, outside of our coaching sessions, for deep and lasting transformation. 

Mini Intuitive Coaching Sessions   

Are you contemplating if it’s the right time to adopt another dog from the animal shelter?

Maybe you’re thinking of moving and not sure if you should stay in the city or go country? 

Should you join a gym or buy that awesome treadmill you’ve had your eye on?

Are you looking for some guidance from your Spirit Guides but not ready to dive deep into the ongoing work that comes with Soul Level Intuitive Coaching ®

Try a Mini Coaching Session!

At the beginning of a session, Anna Marie will intuitively connect with you and your personal team of Spirit Guides. She will work with you to open your intuitive channel to ask your Guides for their assistance. Your Guides will give you the direction you need to make decisions for your greatest and highest good. You never know, they may even add in some valuable Karmic Lesson guidance as well!

Each Mini-Session is 25 minutes in length 

Do you want to learn how to build your intuitive and psychic skills?

Check out this class!

Anna Marie received her training as a certified Soul Level Intuitive Coach® through The Danielle MacKinnon School.