Soul Level Animal Communication ®

Our pets are part of our family and we want to do everything we can to give them the best life possible. Did you know your animals feel the same way back toward you? It’s true! Your animals want you to have an amazing life and want to do whatever they can, using unconditional love, to help you heal, grow and evolve into your best self.

You’re probably wondering how an animal can help us do all this healing and evolving if they can’t communicate to us through words? The answer is they show us through their actions.

There’s more meaning in those silly, annoying, adorable, and frustrating behaviors than meets the eye! Whenever an animal does something that gets you emotionally charged—in a positive or negative way—it’s because they are using their behavior to get your attention. They are sending you a message about the work they are doing with you on your Soul Level Lessons. It’s not always easy to interpret what the animal’s behavior is trying to tell you. This is where I can help!

What happens during a reading?

   During a Soul Level Animal Communication ® reading, Anna Marie will connect intuitively with you first and then your animal to get to know both of your personalities. Establishing a connection to both of you creates a comfortable space for the animal to give you messages directly related to how they are helping you on your personal journey.

   If your animal is living, Anna Marie can do what is called body mapping. Body mapping is a way for the animal to give Anna Marie information on how they are physically feeling. Animals will only give you information they want you to know about. If it is not relevant to the current lesson, they may choose not to communicate that information. Body mapping is not a diagnostic tool; any health issues should be addressed with your veterinarian or other trained medical professional. 

   Next, you will have an opportunity to ask your animal the question(s) you have been wondering about. You might be wondering about a change in behavior or habit your animal is exhibiting, or you may be curious how they are adapting to a new home or situation. The possibilities are endless of what you can ask!

   In the last part of the reading, your animal will excitedly take us to the Soul Level! You will learn what Soul Level Lesson your animal is working on with you, how they are using a combination of unconditional love and their behavior to help you heal, grow and evolve into the best version of yourself, and how you can work on this Soul Level Lesson together!

25-minute Animal Communication Reading

A 25-minute Soul Level Animal Communication ® reading is the perfect introductory reading if you have never done an animal communication reading before and want to see what it’s all about! Anna Marie will intuitively connect with you and your animal and you will have an opportunity to ask your animal 1-2 questions. Through the information your animal provides during the reading, you will find out what Soul Level Lesson they are working on with you, how they are using a combination of their behavior and unconditional love to help you work through this lesson and what steps you can take to heal, grow and evolve with the help of your animal.

All Soul Level Animal Communication ® readings can be done for animals that are living or crossed over.

50-minute Animal Communication Reading

A 50-minute Soul Level Animal Communication® reading incorporates all the elements of a 25-minute reading. Additional time allows you to connect to more than one animal and for you to ask additional questions. Anna Marie will answer as many of your questions as she can during the 50 minutes.

You just never know what the animals are working on to help you heal, grow and evolve, but you’re about to find out!

All Soul Level Animal Communication® readings can be done for animals that are living or crossed over.

50-minute Integrated Healing Session

A 50-minute Integrated Healing Session combines an animal communication reading with intuitive energy healing. In addition to connecting with your animal, answering your questions, and finding out what soul level lessons your animal is here to work on with you, Anna Marie will do a detailed body mapping with your animal to see if they have anything physical going on with their body they want to share with you. She will then facilitate an intuitive energy healing session for your animal.

Integrated Healing Sessions are extremely well received by animals with acute or chronic ailments, behavior challenges, anxiety, or are in the process of crossing over. Please visit the Intuitive Energy Healing page for more detailed explanation of energy healing and its benefits.

Do you want to learn how to communicate with animals?

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Anna Marie received her training as a certified Soul Level Animal Communication® practitioner through The Danielle MacKinnon School.