Intuitive Energy Healing

Divine in nature, all forms of energy healing promote mental, physical, spiritual and emotional healing. It restores the body to its natural state of balance, peace of mind and overall well-being.

During a session, Anna Marie connects with her Spiritual Guide Team and also the soul (or higher self) of the animal she is working with. She receives messages, guidance, and assistance on where to focus the intention of healing during a session for that being’s greatest and highest good.  Any specific concerns you have for your animal can be addressed during a session as well. At times, Anna Marie may receive a intuitive message for you during a session, which she will share with you at the end.

ANIMAL SESSIONS: Because animals want us to heal WITH them, Anna Marie always invites the animal’s human to join in the energy healing session, so both can heal together. This amplifies the healing energy. It often helps both the human and animal relax into the session quicker and easier, allowing for optimal heading opportunities.

Animals have free will to participate and can choose to receive what they need or nothing at all. Energy healing is never forced upon them. They can be allowed to move about as they wish during a healing session. Anna Marie always intuitively asks the animal’s permission before sharing any energy healing, as she believes choice in receiving is one of the keys to receptivity for animals. 

You may be familiar with one of the more well-known energy healing modalities that Anna Marie practices called Reiki. Reiki is Japanese energy healing modality that incorporates meditation, relaxation and stress reduction as part of the healing process. Anna Marie is a certified Reiki Master Teacher and incorporates these teachings into her healing work.

50-minute Integrated Healing Session

A 50-minute Integrated Healing Session combines an animal communication reading with intuitive energy healing. In addition to connecting with your animal, answering your questions, and finding out what soul level lessons your animal is here to work on with you, Anna Marie will do a detailed body mapping with your animal to see if they have anything physical going on with their body they want to share with you. She will then facilitate an intuitive energy healing session for your animal.

Integrated Healing Sessions are extremely well received by animals with acute or chronic ailments, behavior challenges, anxiety, or are in the process of crossing over. Please visit the Intuitive Energy Healing page for more detailed explanation of energy healing and its benefits.

In-Person Sessions

Animal Energy Healing is a gentle and non-invasive process that promotes internal balance, peace of mind, overall health and well-being. Because animals have an instinctive understanding of energy, they are very sensitive and responsive to a variety of Energy Healing techniques. Healing sessions are offered on-site, in the home environment, where the animal can be the most comfortable and open to receive. Owners and caretakers are invited and encouraged to participate in the session. Anna Marie has experience working with all types of animals: dogs, cats, horses, birds, lizards, and of course works with humans as well!

Additional traveling charges may apply.

Remote Sessions

A Remote Energy Healing session is a great option if you cannot meet in person for a session. Because energy can transcend time and space, Energy Healing can be sent to a person, animal or situation anywhere. The healing effects are as profound as those experienced in person. This option is ideal for people with busy schedules that do not have availability for in-person sessions. Remote sessions can be done for a person or animal no matter where they are or what they are doing. You will be told in advance what time your healing session will take place. Once complete, you will receive a follow-up email or text with any necessary messages.


You can be a Certified Energy Healer for Animals!

Online Energy Healing for Animals Classes begin April 3, 2023.

In-person classes take place at Whispering Winds Ranch in Shabbona, IL. They include live demonstrations and practices with dogs, cats, chickens, horses and wildlife!

***Reiki, energy healing, and meditation are never a replacement for medical or veterinary advice, treatment or diagnosis. Practitioners and teachers do not diagnose, prescribe or perform medical services. All beings should be seen by a licensed professional for any malady they have.***