How we can work together

Soul Level Intuitive Coaching®

Intuitive coaching with the help of your Spirit Guides to assist you in working on the core negative beliefs that have you struggling through life’s challenges.

Energy Healing

Gentle and non-invasive energy healing for humans and animals. Benefits include internal balance, overall health and well-being, and peace of mind.

Animals as teachers…

Animals have mastered unconditional love. They choose to share their lives with us so they can help us work toward mastering unconditional love as well: Loving others unconditionally, being loved by others unconditionally, and loving oneself unconditionally. The deepest seed of whatever karmic lessons our animals are working on with us is learning to love in one of these forms.

Animals as healers…

Animals live intuitively in the present moment, even when living a domestic life with humans. Focusing on the past or worrying about the future is not for their greatest and highest good. By allowing ourselves to be in the present moment with our animals, we receive healing that only this moment can offer us. It is through being in the present moment that our body, mind, spirit and emotions can begin to heal, expand and elevate to our greatest and highest potential.

Animals as guides…

Through their ability to mirror and model behavior, animals are guiding us to work on the karmic lessons we came into this life to master. It’s not always easy for us, as humans, to hold a mirror up to ourselves and examine our thoughts and actions. Luckily, the animals you come in contact with–wild, domestic, in-person, or on the internet–are willing to be that mirror for you. They work from a place of unconditional love to mirror your behavior to bring awareness to areas you are struggling or excelling in and are model examples of how to live from the heart.