Mini-Spirit Guide Reading

Did you know you have your own personal Spirit Guides that have been with you since before you were born?

Did you also know you can call on them for help any time you need it?

Your Spirit Guides want you to offer you their guidance and wisdom every chance they get so you can evolve into your most beautiful, perfect, highest self! They bring higher-vibrational perspectives on the choices you are making in your life, even the choices you don’t make on a conscious level. Whether that’s a better job, a new relationship, improved health and wellness or some other personal issue, your spirit guides are waiting to assist you in any way they can. All you have to do is ask! No question is too small!

Want to know if it’s the right time to rescue a dog from the shelter?

Not sure if moving to the country from the city is in your best interest?

Are you better off joining a gym or buying that treadmill you’ve been looking at?

No problem! Just ask your Guides!

During a reading with your Spirit Guides, Anna Marie will energetically connect with your higher self and then your personal spirit guides. You will have an opportunity to ask your Guides one question. In return, your guides will offer you information, guidance or assistance to help you find the answers that question. All questions and answers are asked and received with the intention to help you make balanced decisions for your greatest and highest good.

While this mini-reading will not dive as deep into the Soul Level Lessons that a full Intuitive Life Coaching session would, your Guides are thrilled you are asking for help and are happy to be of service. You never know; they may even offer some valuable Karmic Lesson guidance as well!

Sessions are 25-minutes in length