Intuitive Life Coaching

Are your behavior patterns or habits holding you back? Do you wish you could figure out why you keep having the same relationship issues? Are you stuck in a rut that you can’t seem to get out of ?  Do you long for change in your current situation but not sure how to do it? Are you feeling like you’re alone and have no one to turn to for guidance?

Transform yourself and your life with intuitive guidance from your spirit guides. Every one of us has multiple spirit guides that have been with you since you created your soul contracts, before you incarnated into this life. They are here specifically to offer you their guidance and wisdom to elevate you to your most beautiful, perfect, highest self! They will bring you a higher-vibrational perspective on the choices you are making in your life, even the choices you don’t make on a conscious level.

How does it work?

Anna Marie will intuitively connect with your higher self and your spirit guides to get to the root of where you are struggling.

Whether that’s a better job, a new relationship, improved health and wellness or some other personal issue, your Spirit Guides are waiting to assist you in unveiling the negative beliefs that are holding you back from doing, having, and being everything you want.

Anna Marie will work with the Guides to help you transform your old ways of thinking and behaving by helping you recognize where and how the negative beliefs you have began in this lifetime.

Your spirit guides will offer you suggestions on what you can do to constructively transform your old ways of doing and thinking into newer and better ways of being.

All sessions are lead by the Spirit Guides, through Anna Marie. Anna Marie will assist you in completing the tasks the Guides provide for you that will help you shift the core beliefs that have created negative patterns or situations in your life.

Deep and lasting transformation will also require additional time and effort, on your part, outside of our coaching sessions. Please be willing to commit yourself to a minimum of 6 coaching sessions.