Past Lives with Pets

Past Lives with Pets Regression involves accessing memories of a previous lifetime through deep relaxation. The purpose of this type of journey is to help you gain a deeper understanding of your soul’s connection to one of your animals and the lesson(s) they are or were working on with you, as it relates to your current life together.

Additionally, if you’ve had a Soul Level Animal Communication® reading, you know the Soul Level Lessons your animal is working on with you in this lifetime. During a PLPR, you may be able to find a connection to a current behavioral or physical issue you are facing with your animal, to something that happened in a previous life.  Gain insights into how to work with your animal to overcome these challenges in the present day.

What you may discover during a Past Lives with Pets Regression:

  • When and where your animal incarnated with you previously
  • What kind of animal they were
  • How you animal came into and left that life
  • Which Soul Level lesson they were working on with you & are they still working with you on the same lesson
  • Pivotal memories with your animal in this previous life


Has your animal lived with you in a previous life?

~ Do you have a connection with one animal in particular that feels deeper than any other animal you’ve had before or since?

~ Did you immediately know, the second you laid eyes on your sweet little nugget, that they need to be part of your family?

 ~Are you missing your animal that crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and wonder if you will see them again? 

~ Does the family pet gravitate toward you more than anyone else in the house?

~ Have you had a major shift or spiritual awakening as a result of your pet coming into your life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, there’s a good chance you have lived at least one other lifetime with your animal, and that’s why you have such a strong connection with them.

Just like humans, animals can be part of your Soul Family. This means they can choose to reincarnate with you, in order to assist you with the lessons you are working on as part of your soul’s journey.

How to prepare for a Past Lives with Pets Regression:

During your session, Anna Marie will guide you safely into a relaxed state. She will use a variety of techniques and to help you access memories of past lives with your animal. These may come in the form of emotions, visual images, physical sensations or knowings. 

It is imperative to have a quite space where you can relax, without any distractionsAlso, please take care of your personal needs and the needs of your animals prior to your session. Find a safe and secure place for your animals, outside of the room you will be doing your session in. You will not want to be abruptly disrupted or pulled out of your relaxed state by distraction. Headphones are recommended to help eliminate distraction, but are not required.
**Refunds will not be given for disruption of the session caused by distraction.

To get the most out of your experience, please also allow yourself additional time after the completion of your call for journaling and processing. The information you access during the past life regression with your animal is powerful and can be life changing. Journaling will help you continue accessing information, even after the regression is over.

Sessions last approximately 75 minutes, but may go as long as 90 minutes.

Due to the nature of a Past Lives with Pets Regression, only one person will be allowed to participate in a session. Partners, children, etc. are not permitted to observe a live session.