Healed By a Horse

Healed by a Horse is an Equine Facilitated Coaching program designed to help humans release, heal and evolve through their personal challenges–with the help of horses.

Horses have a unique way of holding space and offering feedback so that healing can occur. Whether you are experiencing physical or emotional pain, struggling with negative beliefs or thought patterns, or at a crossroad in your life, the horses will help you access the information you need to process through these challenges so that you can learn and grow from them. Their ability to live fully in their body in the present moment makes them the perfect co-facilitators for Intuitive Coaching!

Stay tuned…Equine Facilitated Coaching sessions and workshops will resume Spring 2021!

Meet the Herd




Each one of these beautiful horses came into my life to help me heal, grow and evolve in a different way. I am honored they chose me and that they excitedly participate in workshops and coaching sessions with me and my clients. Each day with them is a blessing.