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Amidst the uncertainty and stress of the current corona virus pandemic, it can feel more difficult to focus, make big or small decisions, and access your inner knowing. Luckily, animals and spirit guides are on a higher vibration than humans, so they have constant access to intuitive information about us and our lives that might be difficult for us to access or trust right now.

I am joining with fellow Soul Level Animal Communicator® and Intuitive Life Coach Stephanie K. Hopkins to help you bridge that connection to your higher self through your animals and spirit guides.

We are offering a free online 60-minute Question and Answer session, where we will be psychically connecting to your animals and spirit guides to give brief answers to your questions. Please join us for this group experience and bring your questions about your pets or your life. No question is too small, and you don’t need to know your spirit guides (or even that you have them).

In addition to answering as many questions from as many of you as we can within the 1-hour session, our goal is to help empower you to reconnect with your own intuitive compasses, and to feel the support network you have around you at all times.

Come prepared to ask your questions. Your animals and guides are ready and waiting for you!