Creating a Connection

When I want to connect with an animal in spirit, I have a little ritual. I place my hands over my heart, then do several deep belly breaths to get myself grounded and present in the moment. Slowly, I move the breath up to the heart space and continue with some gentle heart space breathing. Gradually, I expand the light from my heart out to the size of my aura. Feeling into the warmth and comfort of the healing bubble I’ve created, I intend for that space to expand out even further, until it’s large enough to invite the spirit of my animal into. (When I’m working with a horse, my bubble gets really big!)

After calling my animal’s spirit into my space with me (usually I’ll repeat their name or their nicknames), I visualize them in my mind’s eye. I send them love and imagine a rainbow connecting my heart to their heart. When I feel the heart to heart connection, I begin recalling one of my happiest memories or thoughts of them–one from when they were at their healthiest or happiest. Accessing that joyous moment raises my vibration even more and it makes it easier for me to feel them with me. From that space I can talk or interact with them in any way I can imagine. It’s my safe space to connect and meet with them. When I am complete, I say goodbye and thank them for spending time with me. I pull my light back into my heart space, using my breath, and ground back into the Earth with some belly breathing.

This is a simple tool the animals have taught me over time during my Animal Communication sessions. They also frequently request that I teach their human how to do it as well! 

I wasn’t sure why I was guided to write this process out in a blog today, but something was calling me to share how I used this with my own cat, Trotter yesterday.

While responding to some emails last night, a reminder popped up on my calendar. Tomorrow: 2nd anniversary of Trotter’s passing. I felt my heart sadden, realizing it has been 2 years since he crossed over.

I think about Trotter every single day and talk to him all the time, especially when I’m outside working in the barn or yard. He was always following me around, looking after me, so this is when I feel closest to him. He sends me signs and messages to let me know he is with me, even when I’m not intentionally connecting in. I’m grateful for the beautiful spiritual relationship we have created since his physical passing.

I decided to connect in with him, in my usual heart bubble ritual, and could feel him next to me right away. We sat in the energy for a little while, as I told him how much I miss him, and he sent feelings of love back to me. When I opened my eyes, I noticed my dog Tica was staring over my shoulder at the back of the couch. This was not her usual stare- -with the direct intention to move one of the living cats out of her territory. It was more of an inquisitive look on her face, and there were no cats behind me. None that were alive at least.

Instantly, I realized she was also aware of Trotter’s presence in the room. It’s pretty neat to watch when one of the living animals knows one of the animals on the other side are visiting and how they react or interact. They often know someone is there before I know the spirit is there.

I’m currently in the process of refining my Energy Healing for Animals course, and so I decided to play with the two of them in the energy for a few moments, since I was certain I had the attention of both of them.

I laughed as Trotter said he didn’t need energy healing but “that girl sure does!” Haha! What a joker that guy is!

Trotter taught me a lot about energy healing during his transition process, particularly about how animals heal one another. One day I witnessed Magpie doing energy healing on Trotter, while they were both in my lap. She hopped up and knew right where to start, laying her paws on the base of his tail, where he was experiencing pain. She was bringing in divine energy to help ease his physical discomfort. When she finished her “hands-on” healing, she pressed her face into the side of his belly and began purring- -something I’d never seen her do with him before.

I could feel the energy flowing between them but also around me and my heart. Trotter was pretty weak by that time and was conserving his energy for things like eating and getting up to use the litter box. However, even in his weakened state, Trotter was able to be a conduit of healing for me.


In that beautiful healing moment, they reminded me that unconditional love doesn’t end just because the physical body is shutting down.

I miss my sweet little old man. His display of determination and unconditional love helped me get through the biggest transitions of my life.

In return, he graced me with the gift of allowing me to cradle him in my arms as he made the biggest transition of his life.

I don’t know where the last 2 years have gone. They have not passed without deep gratitude for all the love and life we have had together! <3 He continues to heal with me and teach me how to heal with others. He sends me signs and messages to remind me he’s still with me. And he is working with my other animals (Tica!) to continue the next level of soul lessons as I grow and evolve a little more each day!