Unexpected House Guest

Anyone who knows me, knows I am not a very early riser. I love sleeping and enjoying every last dream I can before getting up and facing the day. Today, I woke from a dream with no clue what time it was. As per my usual routine, I turned on my voice recorder to record the dream for journaling later. When I finished recording, I turn over, planting my face into the warm fur of our cat Trotter, hoping this cozy spot sends me back into my restful sleep. Not today. I lay awake for some time, noting the rise and fall of Trotter’s breath and the smell of his fur. What time is it? It’s pitch black out. Definitely not time to get up. Several minutes later, I locate my phone: 4:50 am. Seriously? I’m this awake before 5 am? I hear a voice, “Get up! Go do your morning meditation. Start your day.” Begrudgingly, I listen to the voice and fall out of bed.

The house is cool because the temperature dropped overnight so I pull on some cozy pants and one of my husband’s sweatshirts and head downstairs. I see that one of the cats, Bandit, is analyzing something in front of the sofa and realize how weird this seems for him, who rarely shows much interest in toys or things that may have rolled under the furniture. I study his unusual behavior for a moment because I get a feeling something is a bit off here. He methodically makes his way behind the sofa, where I see a black spot on the white baseboard about the size of a quarter. It looks like paint has peeled and I wonder what happened there…until I see the spot move. Uh, what is happening in my living room? I follow this moving spot, and see it is a baby frog. I wonder if my eyes are playing tricks on me, still blurry from sleep, so I reach down to pick it up. Yep, definitely a frog. He’s jumped right onto my hand and up my arm! In the back of my mind, I’m imagining my dear friend Mary squealing at the thought of me touching a toad. No matter how cute and tiny it is, he’s still slimy and jumpy and they give her the he-be-gi-bis. I laugh to myself.

My brain is wide awake now. How on Earth does a frog get into the house? A baby frog at that. Are there more? Has a family of toads taken up residence in my house somewhere and this little guy wandered off from his tribe? He sits in my hand patiently as I ask him a few questions. How did you get here? Why are you here? Ooh, Is there a lesson for me in this!?!?!  I believe all animals have lessons for us, no matter how brief they are in our lives. Make no mistake; this little hopper is here for a reason and I’m excited to find out what that reason is!

I get a download of information: “How I got here is not important. We all find ourselves in unlikely places from time to time. Do not be afraid. See that I am not afraid as I rest calmly in your hand. The large one (Bandit) has done me no harm. It is not easy to trust. When someone reaches out a hand, do not be afraid to take it. You will be ok.”

I take a moment to let that sink in. This is a clear message for me. I been feeling like I’m in an unfamiliar time and place in life but have been seeing signs that I don’t need to be afraid. There are people around me that I can turn to, if I would allow myself to open up and trust.

How did you get so wise, young Yoda? Thank you for today’s life lesson.

I snap a photo of my friend, take him outside, and wish him well on his journey, as he hops off into the dewy darkness of the early morning.

Though, I don’t aspire to start all of my days in what feels like the middle of the night, I’m glad I chose this morning to get up before the crack of dawn.

Note to self: Good job following your instincts. Do more of this (listening to your gut not waking at an absurd hour LOL)

October 3, 2019

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